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Importing 3rd party certificate on Cisco WLC

juni 20, 2012

While importating a wildcard certificate on a Cisco Wireless Controller i crossed a strange issue.

The wildcard certificate was exported from a Windows 2008 server with private key information.

First off all i converted the certificate with openssl to pem format with the command :openssl pkcs12 -in <filename.pfx> -out <filename.pem>
After this it was time to import it on the WLC but i keeps failing while i was 100% sure the password was ok the controller keeps saying :
*TransferTask: Jun 21 13:32:03.580: %UPDATE-3-CERT_INST_FAIL: updcode.c:1304 Failed to install Webauth certificate. rc = 1
*TransferTask: Jun 21 13:32:03.580: %SSHPM-3-KEYED_PEM_DECODE_FAILED: sshpmcert.c:4040 Cannot PEM decode private key

Contacting Cisco support and they did tell me to use OpenSSL version 0.9.8, i was using version 1.0.x ….

Finaly the openssl version was the solution , many thanks to Cisco support !



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